Toyota Tundra proves that this Japanese automaker is the top brand in the auto world. In 2022, Toyota will launch a new model in the Philippines, creating excitement for car lovers.
How much is the latest model? Will the Toyota Tundra price Philippines increase dramatically compared to its previous variants? We will give you the details below.

Overview Of Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra is the oldest full-size pickup truck of this Japanese automaker. At the same time, it is in the high-end segment with the top competitor of the Ford F-150.
Compared with the 2021 version, the new model has a fresh design. However, the superb performance and optimal fuel-consuming amount are two significant factors that make this high-end truck competitive in the market.
Additionally, the 2022 version comes with a bi-turbo V6 engine paired with an 8-speed gearbox to deliver 381hp at max power and 544 Nm of max torque.

Toyota Tundra Price Philippines
The Toyota Tundra price Philippines is officially listed at P4,500,000. Although the 2022 version is equipped with more advances, the price is not much higher than the 2021 version.
Its rival - Ford F-150, is available at P3,398,000 - a dramatically lower price compared to the high-end pickup truck from the Japanese automaker. Why does the Toyota Tundra price Philippines cost more than its competitor?
In the dimension aspect, the pickup truck from Ford has bigger and more muscular than the one from Toyota. However, the performance of the latter beats its rival. While the F-150 can deliver 250hp at max, the Tundra shows its power with 381 hp.
Besides, Toyota Tundra comes with many advanced comfort and convenience as well as an outstanding safety system. Generally, this model also receives higher customer reviews thanks to its great driving experience.

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Price For A Secondhand Toyota Tundra
After two years of differences, the new model surpasses its older version in many aspects. However, it is undeniable that the Tundra 2020 is still a dream car to own. It shares many similar features to the latest version in terms of interior, exterior, and safety systems.
Additionally, a secondhand car can keep its pristine beauty and performance as a new one thanks to a short period gap. The vehicle may still be in the manufacturer's maintenance warranty, so you don't need to pay for the initial setup when buying a secondhand one.
The official price of the 2021 version when it first arrived in the Philippines was almost the same as the Toyota Tundra price Philippines 2022. Hence, the price for an old car of this model is not affordable, from P3,500,000 to P4,700,000 depending on the variants and the car status.

Toyota Tundra price Philippines is not affordable to many of us. Still, it's worth every penny with its innovative technologies, an advanced safety system, a robust-built design, and a powerful engine.
If you are afraid of the price, a secondhand one is also a great choice. Also, you can find the best downpayment plan to go with and save your budget. Wish you a nice trip with your new car!