How to Klm Name Change Policy?

KLM offers a changeover period free of charge. After that, the airline charges a small percentage of the booking fee as the cost of changing the KLM name. The price will be determined by fee categories, a number of corrections, date of departure, and a variety of other criteria. Follow the instructions below to find out how much you should pay to correct your name There is no need to pay the cancellation fee if the correction is made at least 30 hours before the departure time.
Once the risk-free period ends, you will need to pay the name change fee by going through the KLM name correction policy.
The airline will provide a name change facility through the official website, mobile app, customer service number, airport counter, and sales office.
According to the KLM name change policy, a passenger who booked with a partner airline needs to correct the name at least 72 hours before departure.
Changes cannot be made to unauthorized sources. If you change your name through a travel agent, you will need to renew your tickets because the entire ticket price will be considered a KLM name change.


How Much to Change Name on KLM Ticket?

You are allowed to KLM change the name on the ticket due to legal reasons. To get the complete process, Contact KLM Customer Service.